Thursday, April 12, 2007

sorry sorry i've been busy with biology experiments and dissecting...plants , ಠ_ಠ

so ive bought a few stuff while i was gone,
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heres my lil tachikoma gashopon that i bougth a forbidden planet, drew some black lines on him to make it official :) oh yeaa
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still watching Death Note, episode 25 was crazy!!!

also ive been stockign up on some manga books:
Ghost in the shell 2 : man machine interface - great art, almost 75% of the book is digitally illustraded, but that doesnt make up for the confusing plot, the best parts are the pages that are in black and white, really...

death note manga is getting pretty boring.. but i want to make it to the END!!!! they need to concentrate on my man Mello more, he's alot cooler.

Evangelion manga is out yet again!!!! yess , you know hwo Eva books come out every 2 years , big bummer , but good thing i jumped on the bandwagon while its going because these books are pretty good. I really like where they are going with Kaworu in this retelling of Evangelion.,

im going to plan my trip to japan pretty soon.. i see the money piling up and my dreams are getting closer and clooserrr :))) (fat smiley face)

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