Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Back :)

hey friends, I'm back from my 3 week trip to the Dominican Republic. I had so much fun, I cant wait to return in February for the Carnival. for some reason, all this talk about going green and the environment and the presidential elections bullshit just makes me think how better the simple life is. In the Dominican republic there is no care in the world when your riding horses, diving off cliffs and hitting up the local clubs. and the FREEDOM!!! here are some pics...

Saturday, July 26, 2008


(catch ya later nyc)

Vacation, alienation, Japanamation, munka, kunka, naked lunch, Hawaiian Punch, fruit juice. It's not funny!!!- Haruhara Haruko

hey everybody, I'm finally taking my well deserved vacation, I've had a 2 week vacation from work for one entire year, and I haven't been back home since 2004. so I will be taking advantage of my little break and Boogying to the Dominican Republic for an entire month :)

I have all the bags packed; all my cool-but not too cool that I Wouldn't risk messing- up-sneakers packed, Zune mp3 player with all my shtuff, handy dandy digital camera, shirts and whatnots. I guess I will take pictures along the root, and post them up here for your enjoyment. Pray for me! and since I will be travelling via jet blue here is an awesome video which makes me want to depart even sooner
death cab for cutie- i will possess your heart.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Supermac NYC

My friend calls me up the other day and asks if i want to check out some Mac & Cheese spot in Manhattan. my first thought was (._.) but then he mentioned that he had a coupon so i though bring it on. well the coupon didn't apply to my order, but i must say, Supermac is a unique little spot in manhattan. If your a Mac & cheese aficionado , then look no further. the mac comes complete with all the toppings, bread crumbs and spices and whatnot. but if your just looking to grab something to eat, your better off walking a couple more blocks for some Go Go Curry. Supermac's located a few short blocks south of Penn Station, at 348 7th Avenue (in between 29th and 30th) and its so small you might miss it if it wasnt for the sign out front that reads [MAC & CHEESE ---->]

and it couldn't be more fitting. thats basically all they serve. you can order a small cup of rice or a salad, and you have a choice of drinking water, root beer, or some vitamin thingy I never even heard of. the Mac comes in a fancy gourmet plate with a handle and its delicious :) I couldnt even finish it all, they need to lower they're prices and add some side dishes to that menu! the small plate costs about 7 dollars and the large plate is about 9.

check it out,but only if your really curious, or love mac&cheese.
oh and I'm sorry i broke your bench.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Thanks to General Ivan fro the *chan boards for this amazing spoiler :)

I dont have a ps3 so i dont really care but here ya go



Raiden lives, reunites with Rose and his son.
big boss is still alive, inhales old snakes foxdie, both leave to die a peaceful death somewhere

ocelot was faking the liquid thing all along, was actually fighting against the patriots.

Meryll marries johnny sasaki the diarrhea guy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Toys toys and more toys

I dont know why I keep buying toys, they're expensive, you cant do much with them, and they get really realy dusty in my house, not to mention toys come with that "immature"stigma.... I guess I buy them to rival my homeboy's collection. I am talking garbage bags underneath twin beds over the top. all i know is my nephew is going to be really happy when he starts playing with them .

heres some pics.

Gambit and Mystique 10 inch figures, real cheap
and have dope ass Leather jackets

hey Danny Choo, F**K off!

shout out to the Gorillaz, on my Kid Robot shit

a lil action for ya. Eva-01, made out of really soft plastic but from far it looks expensive hehe. dont tell nobody

and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo. V mask because people are animals on the chan boards...

until next time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eli Porter : internet sensation

the youtube rap sensation right here:

the REMIX!

I deed it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Takashi Murakami at Brooklyn Museum


Murakami is at the Brooklyn museum until July 13, 2008 and if you haven't checked it out yet I suggest you grab a buddy and a camera and head on over there immediately!! This is the most amazing art I have ever seen in my life, everything from the gigantic statue sitting in the entrance, to the mecha-anime girl inside, its mind-blowing...I just wish I had taken some LSD so I can go apeshit haha! From floor to ceiling its mesmerizing, vibrant colors, incredible detail, I wish I could have snapped some photos inside but those stingy bastards wouldn't let me. : ( so I took picks outside.

The center piece of the exhibit has to be the mecha-anime girl, 3 life size figures, one a regular girl, the next she's transforming into something, and the last she is now a jet fighter. I was blown away, with details down to the very tip of her fingers. It reminded me of an Evangelion Pilot in their plug suits.

Murakami is the man...I have to get my hands on some merchandise now! Check out the exhibit!

Uniqlo Paper no. 4


Uniqlo has to be my number one favorite store in the city right now. Reasonable prices, cool threads and chill outfits, its a welcome change from all the colorful kicks, tight Levi’s and hypebeast getups the “cool kids” are wearing on SoHo. Uniqlo is a Japanese retail store, and the SoHo store is the flagship, the only Uniqlo in the U.S. right now.
The anime tees are awesome; even though they are shows from the 60's-70’s, they are cheap and comfy. Careful buying the jeans. Make sure you read the labels, I ended up buying a pair of 70 dollar "super skinny's" I look like 2 broomsticks in them.
If you pass by, pick up an issue of Uniqlo Paper no. 4, its like a catalog of the new clothing season, interviews with artists, and amazing excerpts from books and essays about Japan, new York, and London. Great read when your on the L train just wasting time, on the cover is Tadanobu Asano from the vomit-inducing "Ichi the Killer" if you haven't seen the flick, I suggest you pick it up RIGHT NOW. And a pair of nipple clamps...also Chloe sevigny from Kids, another great movie.

I should be reading Milton right now, why am I typing in this blog....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

its Memories all over again...... YES!

Behold.. the greatest animation mine eyes have ever seen:

Genius Party Beyond, brought to you by the good folks at Studio 4°C.

Animation by the men and women who brought you The Animatrix, Kill Bill Vol.1, and Memories.
If only Katsuhiro Otomo would have jumped onto this project, with some off the wall animated goodness my life would be complete. Think of it as another Anime segment release, along the lines of Robot Carnival, Labyrinth Tales, The Animatrix or Memories. This has to be the best one to date, graphics wise. I'm not sure any compilation release can top the greatness of Memories... and that was only 3 40-minute segments. this one has about 7 of them. I cant wait for this release!

And here's a video I have been searching ages for, Ken Ishii's EXTRA:

Friday, March 7, 2008

early bird gets the worm.
controls suck.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

and now..a 7 minute film....

"Silent City from Ruairi Robinson"

Ruairi Robinson has been hired to direct the live action version of the
Anime classic "AKIRA", which will be a two-part epic,
the first movie drawing material from the first 3 graphic novels, etc.

Robinson, who came to Warner Bros. studio with a vision of a two-part
adaptation will be working alongside with actor Leonardo DiCaprio(producing) and writer
Gary Whitta.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


when I turned on my computer this afternoon to type up some early homework papers, I was delighted to see a picture of Tetsuo and Kaneda yelling at the top of their lungs BRAIN!!! MARK!!!! I was delighted and weireded out at the same time.

the good: Akira live action is in pre-production, Ruairi Robinson is helming it, writers and producers all are on board.

the bad: its through Leonardo Dicaprio..... and Warner Bros.

the ugly: New- Manhattan.

ughhh that sounds like shit doesnt it. New-Manhattan is supposedly a new city built with japanese money in the footsteps of old Manhattan.

heres a little info I stole from a million other blogs:
Warner Bros. will turn anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo's six-volume graphic novel masterwork "Akira" into two live action feature films, the first of which is being fast tracked for release in summer 2009, reports Variety.

WB, which had the "Akira" rights several years ago, only to let them lapse and then recapture them in a spirited bidding battle, is planning a twin-bill that the filmmakers have described as Blade Runner meets City of God.

The studio has closed a seven-figure rights acquisition deal with Kodansha, and has set Ruairi Robinson to direct a script by Gary Whitta (Book of Eli). Andrew Lazar's Mad Chance will produce with Appian Way's Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson.

Each feature will be comprised of three of the books in Otomo's series. The drama takes place in "New Manhattan," a metropolis that was rebuilt after being destroyed 31 years ago.

Robinson, an Irish helmer who has been Oscar-nominated for his short film and commercials work, is making his feature debut.

god. please have mercy on poor Kaneda's soul.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Batman : The Dark knight gets an anime companion. need i say more?

studio 4'C , Madhouse and Production IG come together to bring us Batman: Gotham Knight.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

anonymous -vs- scientology

here are a few short clips of the NYC protest in front of the scientology building in NYC, 46th and 6ths ave....damn what a day we had :) a bunch of nerd/geeks/all around ackward people shouting at the top of their lungs at anyone who entered or left the building.

write this down ! march 15th!! the ides of march they strike again!

big shout out to this guy, for his crazy flyers , i.e baby for sale and ATTN: dogs.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I aint dead yet!

January 29th, 2008. the end of all mankind. an asteroid the size of the Sears Tower plows hard into Earth and destroys civilization as we know it........ but nothing happened.


okay, never again will I get my information from YOUTUBE. all this hype about Asteroid 2007 TU-24 and it doesnt even get mentioned on the news. Stayed up all night pondering life and what is waiting for me in the afterlife.

so heres my question:

how would you feel if mankind disappear of the face of the earth? if some magnetic field wiped us all out? to die in the coolest way possible?


OKAY, SO WHO IS FOLLOWING THIS??? its crazy, the 4channers are actually teaming up to do something good for mankind.
if you dont know, anonymous is a large group of internet users from around the world that contribute to the #chan message boards and forums, some are hackers, some are junior high school kids, from dropouts to college grads, its a very very large network.....

well, i must say that hacking and ruining printers of the church of Scientology is pretty damn sneaky and illegal, gathering to protest against a money-hungry, brainwashing pyramid scheme is pretty admirable. I'm going to follow this story all the way till February 10th, 2008 when the shit hits the fan.

and this declaration of war from "encyclopedia dramatica"

RESOLUTION Declaring that a state of war exists between the "Church" of Scientology and the Internet and making provisions to prosecute the same.

Whereas the "Church" of Scientology has committed unprovoked acts of war against the Internet and Society as a whole; and

Whereas, such acts continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the security and freedom of the Internet and it's users; and

Whereas, such acts render it both necessary and appropriate that Anonymous exercise its rights to self-defense and to seek out lulz: Therefore be it Resolved by Anonymous in /i/ and /b/ assembled,

That the state of war between the Anonymous and the "Church" of Scientology which has thus been thrust upon the Internet is hereby formally declared; and

That Anonymous is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire force of Anonymous and the resources of the Internet to prosecute war against the "Church" of Scientology; and

To bring the conflict to a successful termination, all of the resources of Anonymous are hereby pledged.


Friday, January 25, 2008

First day of so tired....

photoshooped!!!! someone shooped da whoop

Im back to tell you all about my first day of school! yay!
first, my mommy woke me up briight and eaarrly to make sure i had a good breakfast
then it was a 30 minute train ride to my new school. it was so scawwy but I managed to make it to class on time :)

okay enough, all I had was one poetry class today, and i felt so damn out of place, everyone was picking up things in poems, like, out of the fricking blue! AN APPLE IS NOT A METAPHOR FOR GOD, AND A FRUIT BAT IS NOT THE DEVIL!!! hahaaa oh kids are so...existential.

picked up a new printer on the way from school , HP for 100 bucks, could've bought something cheaper but, I spoil myself. hanging out at a friends apartment, picked up some new shoes, Bapes....

I can already see the late night papers and the long shifts at work with my eyes behind my head, but at least im in school again.
kids....stay in school.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Off to college!

the time has come in a young mans life, when the innocent , comfortable ways of life are thrown out the window and this new breeze of stress and responsibility come into frame. yes ladies and gentlemen, i am talking about College. and yes ladies and gentlemen, its only 30 minutes away from my house . haha!!!

got ya. well im going to Brooklyn College now, and i couldn't be happier! its my older sisters alma madre . the only problem is getting there. i would have to catch the 3 train and switch to the 2 train. which means that aroun 3-5 o clock i will have to be wary of thieves and hoodlums and fights. why does life have to be so hard on me?

well it seems I'm going to have to find a new job, because this current one i have is not paying me enough for all the hard work i have given them for the last 2 and a half years. later assholes.

umm...oh yea. i bought some more crap:

Evangelion Soul of Soft Vynil Figure, its only 20 bucks and its real big and pretty and modeled after the new Evangelion Movie. downside: its made out of soft rubber, meaning its really cheap, but from far away you could never tell :)

WATCHMEN GRAPHIC NOVEL: what a good book!!! i cant believe this hasn't been made into a movie...yet... 2009 here i come :)

1984- by George Orwell: my lord, I actually read such a good book...and finished it !! great read, pick it up if you can.