Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eli Porter : internet sensation

the youtube rap sensation right here:

the REMIX!

I deed it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Takashi Murakami at Brooklyn Museum


Murakami is at the Brooklyn museum until July 13, 2008 and if you haven't checked it out yet I suggest you grab a buddy and a camera and head on over there immediately!! This is the most amazing art I have ever seen in my life, everything from the gigantic statue sitting in the entrance, to the mecha-anime girl inside, its mind-blowing...I just wish I had taken some LSD so I can go apeshit haha! From floor to ceiling its mesmerizing, vibrant colors, incredible detail, I wish I could have snapped some photos inside but those stingy bastards wouldn't let me. : ( so I took picks outside.

The center piece of the exhibit has to be the mecha-anime girl, 3 life size figures, one a regular girl, the next she's transforming into something, and the last she is now a jet fighter. I was blown away, with details down to the very tip of her fingers. It reminded me of an Evangelion Pilot in their plug suits.

Murakami is the man...I have to get my hands on some merchandise now! Check out the exhibit!

Uniqlo Paper no. 4


Uniqlo has to be my number one favorite store in the city right now. Reasonable prices, cool threads and chill outfits, its a welcome change from all the colorful kicks, tight Levi’s and hypebeast getups the “cool kids” are wearing on SoHo. Uniqlo is a Japanese retail store, and the SoHo store is the flagship, the only Uniqlo in the U.S. right now.
The anime tees are awesome; even though they are shows from the 60's-70’s, they are cheap and comfy. Careful buying the jeans. Make sure you read the labels, I ended up buying a pair of 70 dollar "super skinny's" I look like 2 broomsticks in them.
If you pass by, pick up an issue of Uniqlo Paper no. 4, its like a catalog of the new clothing season, interviews with artists, and amazing excerpts from books and essays about Japan, new York, and London. Great read when your on the L train just wasting time, on the cover is Tadanobu Asano from the vomit-inducing "Ichi the Killer" if you haven't seen the flick, I suggest you pick it up RIGHT NOW. And a pair of nipple clamps...also Chloe sevigny from Kids, another great movie.

I should be reading Milton right now, why am I typing in this blog....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

its Memories all over again...... YES!

Behold.. the greatest animation mine eyes have ever seen:

Genius Party Beyond, brought to you by the good folks at Studio 4°C.

Animation by the men and women who brought you The Animatrix, Kill Bill Vol.1, and Memories.
If only Katsuhiro Otomo would have jumped onto this project, with some off the wall animated goodness my life would be complete. Think of it as another Anime segment release, along the lines of Robot Carnival, Labyrinth Tales, The Animatrix or Memories. This has to be the best one to date, graphics wise. I'm not sure any compilation release can top the greatness of Memories... and that was only 3 40-minute segments. this one has about 7 of them. I cant wait for this release!

And here's a video I have been searching ages for, Ken Ishii's EXTRA: