Sunday, March 25, 2007

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just copped these babys for 136, NIIICCEEEEEE

okay so theres an entire list of anime thatI want to watch but these companies take forever to dub it and ship it out! grrrr
paprika and ghost in the shell: solid state society I am beasting for these titles already ,
also the 4 evangelion movies cant arrive fast enough!!

I hooked up my nintendo wii with some internet which is awesome because now I can watch youtube and play newgrounds and what not, great move by nintendo adding that in there!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ghost in the shell/lab/digicam/evangelion debriefing

ghost in the shell: Stand alone Complex: SSS comes out July 2007......FUCK!!!!! >:(

still doing lab time for a social life but biology's getting pretty cool

dont worry guys.... my digicam is in new jersey right now gettin allll better...

waiting for the next death Note manga...comes out in May something something...

found a great anime spot in chinatown NYC.... elizabeth St. and something something lol....

those evangelion revoltech toys are dope. i have 2 now. and a ritsuko akagi toy that i wish was asuka or rei instead.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


ladies and gents, a brand spankin new anime from the director of "perfect blue" "millenium actress" and "Tokyo godfathers" , and the director of the hit anime television series "paranoia agent" brings to us a new psychological thriller:


this movie looks amazinggggg I am definatley adding it to my must see New Release Anime flicks

along with

Rebuild of evangelion
Ghost in the shell S.A.C- SSS
Mind Game (kind of old but still havnt seen it)
the girl who passed through time
and now PAPRIKA

heres the trailer :

Monday, March 12, 2007

kinda busy part deux

sorry readers, lifes been pretty busy.... and not a good busy either

so heres whats new :

i bought a metal gear solid figure, olga gurlukovich( sp?) for 7 bucks at forbidden planet

copped me a supreme starter cap, a stussy shirt for the summer!! woohoo. but my camera is broken so sorry no pics :(

found a great blog with somebodys japanese sight seeing trip, at

i promise new info will come in soon

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


kinda fixed up. still crappy i say. i have some better stuff on myspace

Death Note DS Game

okay okay, I know I've been spending endless time talking about Death note, but I swear this ones important!!

if you have a DS (in which i dont) then your in luck! because a death note game is coming! you have the choice of either picking L, the super detective, or Light Yagami, the man with the notebook...I hope they bring this to psp or something because I cant get enough.

heres a vid:

starting a lil anime collection....

ok so I started up my aniem collection again, I still have some AKIRA figures in my arsenal, that i ordered from Ebay at beautiful prices. and thanks to a fellow blogger i decided to go out and see whats really good out there.

went over to FORBIDDEN PLANET to see what they had, real small selection, and prices were kinda :/ but i ran into my dude minus, shout-out to my dood minus do ya thing ,CSF up

went over to midtown comics and picked up these 2 evangelion figures, now midtown has a REALLY small and crappy selection of anime figures, its all batman.superman/aqua-man shi+ over there, boooo!!

oh. heres a wack death note fan-art i just drew.

I WILL be buying some more.. hopefully my sneaker addiction will subside...naa

Saturday, March 3, 2007

FIRST LOOK: Jordan retro 8's

yes!!! finally we get our sneak peak at the Jordan 8's dropping this year! white blue and yellow, these retros are sure to be sold out everywhere, although the only sneak peak we get at them are through a kids and womens model, the Mens kick HAS to be even better (no offense to my female readers..pshhh)

if you've read my other post about the jordan 8's then you know for a fact that I love these kicks!! so much I wont wear them hehe :) if I'm not mistaken they drop in august

see u online hyphy's

Free Download March: Definitive Swim

hey peoples!
so theres another free album thanks to Adult Swim, this time its by definitive jux. its only 10 tracks, but the beats are bangin. its a little different from the last free download we had, "chrome children 2", because this ones more hip hop oriented, while chrome children was soulful/instrumental tracks,
but hey check it out it might be your cup of tea , ya diig???

click here for your free download, while it lasts!