Monday, May 26, 2008

Toys toys and more toys

I dont know why I keep buying toys, they're expensive, you cant do much with them, and they get really realy dusty in my house, not to mention toys come with that "immature"stigma.... I guess I buy them to rival my homeboy's collection. I am talking garbage bags underneath twin beds over the top. all i know is my nephew is going to be really happy when he starts playing with them .

heres some pics.

Gambit and Mystique 10 inch figures, real cheap
and have dope ass Leather jackets

hey Danny Choo, F**K off!

shout out to the Gorillaz, on my Kid Robot shit

a lil action for ya. Eva-01, made out of really soft plastic but from far it looks expensive hehe. dont tell nobody

and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo. V mask because people are animals on the chan boards...

until next time.


TP said...

Awesome! I wanted 2D and Russell from the Gorillaz line, but could I find them in stores...? :/

Ram said...

i bought it in Kid Robot in NYC, only 20 dollars. i also saw it in Toy Tokyo in NYC for 20, maybe they ship it to you? im not sure

Anonymous said...

i like that mask, looks cool