Wednesday, April 9, 2008

its Memories all over again...... YES!

Behold.. the greatest animation mine eyes have ever seen:

Genius Party Beyond, brought to you by the good folks at Studio 4°C.

Animation by the men and women who brought you The Animatrix, Kill Bill Vol.1, and Memories.
If only Katsuhiro Otomo would have jumped onto this project, with some off the wall animated goodness my life would be complete. Think of it as another Anime segment release, along the lines of Robot Carnival, Labyrinth Tales, The Animatrix or Memories. This has to be the best one to date, graphics wise. I'm not sure any compilation release can top the greatness of Memories... and that was only 3 40-minute segments. this one has about 7 of them. I cant wait for this release!

And here's a video I have been searching ages for, Ken Ishii's EXTRA:

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