Friday, April 18, 2008

Uniqlo Paper no. 4


Uniqlo has to be my number one favorite store in the city right now. Reasonable prices, cool threads and chill outfits, its a welcome change from all the colorful kicks, tight Levi’s and hypebeast getups the “cool kids” are wearing on SoHo. Uniqlo is a Japanese retail store, and the SoHo store is the flagship, the only Uniqlo in the U.S. right now.
The anime tees are awesome; even though they are shows from the 60's-70’s, they are cheap and comfy. Careful buying the jeans. Make sure you read the labels, I ended up buying a pair of 70 dollar "super skinny's" I look like 2 broomsticks in them.
If you pass by, pick up an issue of Uniqlo Paper no. 4, its like a catalog of the new clothing season, interviews with artists, and amazing excerpts from books and essays about Japan, new York, and London. Great read when your on the L train just wasting time, on the cover is Tadanobu Asano from the vomit-inducing "Ichi the Killer" if you haven't seen the flick, I suggest you pick it up RIGHT NOW. And a pair of nipple clamps...also Chloe sevigny from Kids, another great movie.

I should be reading Milton right now, why am I typing in this blog....

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