Saturday, July 26, 2008


(catch ya later nyc)

Vacation, alienation, Japanamation, munka, kunka, naked lunch, Hawaiian Punch, fruit juice. It's not funny!!!- Haruhara Haruko

hey everybody, I'm finally taking my well deserved vacation, I've had a 2 week vacation from work for one entire year, and I haven't been back home since 2004. so I will be taking advantage of my little break and Boogying to the Dominican Republic for an entire month :)

I have all the bags packed; all my cool-but not too cool that I Wouldn't risk messing- up-sneakers packed, Zune mp3 player with all my shtuff, handy dandy digital camera, shirts and whatnots. I guess I will take pictures along the root, and post them up here for your enjoyment. Pray for me! and since I will be travelling via jet blue here is an awesome video which makes me want to depart even sooner
death cab for cutie- i will possess your heart.


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