Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Supermac NYC

My friend calls me up the other day and asks if i want to check out some Mac & Cheese spot in Manhattan. my first thought was (._.) but then he mentioned that he had a coupon so i though bring it on. well the coupon didn't apply to my order, but i must say, Supermac is a unique little spot in manhattan. If your a Mac & cheese aficionado , then look no further. the mac comes complete with all the toppings, bread crumbs and spices and whatnot. but if your just looking to grab something to eat, your better off walking a couple more blocks for some Go Go Curry. Supermac's located a few short blocks south of Penn Station, at 348 7th Avenue (in between 29th and 30th) and its so small you might miss it if it wasnt for the sign out front that reads [MAC & CHEESE ---->]

and it couldn't be more fitting. thats basically all they serve. you can order a small cup of rice or a salad, and you have a choice of drinking water, root beer, or some vitamin thingy I never even heard of. the Mac comes in a fancy gourmet plate with a handle and its delicious :) I couldnt even finish it all, they need to lower they're prices and add some side dishes to that menu! the small plate costs about 7 dollars and the large plate is about 9.

check it out,but only if your really curious, or love mac&cheese.
oh and I'm sorry i broke your bench.

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blauereiter said...

Looks delicious ! :]