Monday, June 1, 2009

Rebuild of Ram: Yes, You (are) alone.

Just Wanted to throw a couple of images up from my phone, I would upload to twitter but nobody's following -_-

Jayden's Cave.

The gang plays Uno. your supposed to pick up two for your mistakes aren't you? pick up 2's can lay on pick up 4's!

late night Chimi Spots are awesome. They're made for late night meals, so finding one that was out of all the essential ingredients makes me >_<.
If you havn't tried Morir Sonando, try it! milk+orange =/= a stomachache

Fake Jays someone left at my job. you see, this is what happens when you skimp on the security guards. people walk in, take their shoes off, put on some new ones, and Waltz on out the door like Cinderella. Also, Fake Jay's?? reaallllyy????

Transit must be going out of business because they are selling Chinese slippers out of boxes outside and graff writers/skateboarders are pulling little gimmicks outside to get attention. =/ good luck Transit, even though I dont like you.

1 comment:

Kal said...

Lol those fake Jay's had me dien!!! Someone really switched them for the real ones in the box?! Damm lol