Monday, June 15, 2009


My plane ticket has been broughten! I will be in Tokyo, Japan june 27th :)
staying at the juyoh hotel for a week, I promise to upsate my blog with some pics (for whoever is even looking at this blog..hey you!)

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will be staying at minami-senju, which I hear is the Tokyo Ghetto haha!! but it's not like, dangerous or dirty, just that theres an over abundance of the homeless. I'll try to get some pics and a fisrt hand account but yeah, my itinerary:

go around in a circle- akihabara,ginza,roppongi,shibuya(and kabukicho), shinjuku, harajuku(and omotesando), and odaiba

MUST's: uniqlo, roppongi hills, Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0, shibuya crossing, club asia, tokyo metropolitan office, stussy, supreme, Odaiba Gundam, etc.

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Bored-of-Ed said...

Damn you are going to live on of my goals in life.