Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Death Note DS Game

okay okay, I know I've been spending endless time talking about Death note, but I swear this ones important!!

if you have a DS (in which i dont) then your in luck! because a death note game is coming! you have the choice of either picking L, the super detective, or Light Yagami, the man with the notebook...I hope they bring this to psp or something because I cant get enough.

heres a vid:


HeLGeN-X said...

I can almost tell this game won't be coming to the US, since it looks like a text adventure game.

aoi said...

Unless Death Note gets re-made into an American movie (it probably will) then everyone else will get a shot of Death Note on the ds... I'm getting this game next week btw, I'm looking forward to playing it! anyways hope you get to play it too!! ^^