Tuesday, March 6, 2007

starting a lil anime collection....

ok so I started up my aniem collection again, I still have some AKIRA figures in my arsenal, that i ordered from Ebay at beautiful prices. and thanks to a fellow blogger i decided to go out and see whats really good out there.

went over to FORBIDDEN PLANET to see what they had, real small selection, and prices were kinda :/ but i ran into my dude minus, shout-out to my dood minus do ya thing ,CSF up

went over to midtown comics and picked up these 2 evangelion figures, now midtown has a REALLY small and crappy selection of anime figures, its all batman.superman/aqua-man shi+ over there, boooo!!

oh. heres a wack death note fan-art i just drew.

I WILL be buying some more.. hopefully my sneaker addiction will subside...naa

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samejima said...

I'm from Philippines. Great collections for a starter... Did you buy those just one time? or individually? That Rei figure is LilithXX.. mine is ZeruelXX. One hell of an expensive hobby man...hahah