Thursday, March 15, 2007


ladies and gents, a brand spankin new anime from the director of "perfect blue" "millenium actress" and "Tokyo godfathers" , and the director of the hit anime television series "paranoia agent" brings to us a new psychological thriller:


this movie looks amazinggggg I am definatley adding it to my must see New Release Anime flicks

along with

Rebuild of evangelion
Ghost in the shell S.A.C- SSS
Mind Game (kind of old but still havnt seen it)
the girl who passed through time
and now PAPRIKA

heres the trailer :


samejima said...

hey thanks bud, all better now btw just a little ulcer attack. been crazy playing/reading japanese visual novels lately... if yer interested, visit href= lots of interesting visual novels there you get to play for free plus english translated already.

samejima said...

this is the link to visual novels