Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I freaking love this Guy.


Well, okay, I know I disowned Lupe Fiasco 2 posts below, but come on! He's been hiding for at least half a year(i did the same thing to Kenna and he replied to me with a myspace message), and just the other day he lost 4 Grammy's to a bunch of assholes who don't deserve it.

Out of left field, we get some Japanese Cartoon. =)

Post-rock faux-brit-pop. that's what they're calling it. And dont give me that bullshit about some guy named "Percival Fats" I know Lupe Fiasco when I hear him, it has Lu written all over it. Hopefully we get some Gorillaz type album with heavy social commentary, some awesome Anime artwork and whatnot. The future seems somewhat brighter =)

Here's a song

[on a side note, I had an awesome idea for a video for "Lupe fiasco- Hello/Goodbye" while on the bus the other day...sort of a mix between Linkin parks' what I've done (but much more bloodier), with the diamond effect from Madonna's "4 minutes" and some awesome military costumes throughout the ages, Lupe would be standing with a military jacket and gas mask and rapping his ass off wit ha black background and microphone coming from the sky.... don't care if you steal my idea either, hell I encourage it]

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