Monday, February 23, 2009

My top 10 Favorite Films of all time

1. AKIRA- Bright, extremely violent, nostalgic, ground breaking, this is my favorite movie of all time. Teens in biker gangs killing each other, struggles of inferiority, and its post-apocalyptic settings, no movie ever made me feel what AKIRA made me feel the first time I saw it. I even have it tattooed on myself.

2. Ghost in the shell 2: Innocence- a tale of underage sex androids, middle aged cyborgs, and dolls, this 2 hour long animation is way too deep to understand the first time, I’m just glad such an adult story can be told through 2D animation.

3. A Clockwork Orange- Another Ultra-violent, epic film, way ahead of its time, its just so much fun to watch! I stumbled upon it way to late in my life…Something like this will never be made again…kids committing crimes.

4. KIDS- this film reminds me too much about my teenage years, not necessarily that I did the things the kids do in this movie, but all my graffiti friends did. Its way too realistic, another film that can’t be made again due to ethical and moral reasons…

5. Bowling For Columbine- I love Michael Moore’s work, although some people think he is a hack. From Roger & Me to Sicko, I can watch them all a million times. BFC is just the one I have seen the most times.

6. The Matrix- a ghost in the shell rip-off, with elements of the Terminator thrown in, I sat and watched this film on illegal cable about 6 times a day. It was just, perfectly executed! Groundbreaking stuff, with an excellent script behind it. They ruined the series when the setting went to Zion.

7. Saving Private Ryan- me and my older sister saw this movie at the theatre’s, I had no idea what I was watching. 2 minutes into the film I was sunk into my chair with my ears covered and my eyes watering, it is an incredible feat to reproduce these WWII images with such vivacity, this film haunts you for days.

8. City of God- I’m a sucker for kids committing acts of violence, so that’s a plus. Also set in Brazil, the most beautiful country in the world, its ironic that life is so rough for the characters.

9. Donnie Darko- pretentious cult classic or not, this movie is wicked. Bunnies, time portals, and jailbait girlfriends, its fun to just surf the blogs and decipher what it all actually meant. And you have to love the R.E.M song at the end…its haunting.

10. Not Another Teen Movie- Satire done right, I know every line in this movie word for word. It doesn’t take itself seriously AT ALL, and bust the chops of all the old corny teen flicks , like pretty in pink, breakfast club, and all that other crap

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Kittiya said...

OMG. you have donnie darko in your top ten. *internet hug*