Thursday, April 2, 2009

akira VS Ghost in the shell

the blue line is AKIRA
the red line is Ghost in the Shell

as you can see in this line graph, over the 6 years of google searches the graph covers, Akira has been the dominant figure. I believe the drastic spike in the blue Ghost in the Shell line during 2004 would relate to the 2004 release of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, one of my favorite films. It is my opinion that with more information concerning the live action remake of Akira with Leonardo Dicaprio, ghost in the shell will be left in the DUST.
well, spieldberg wants to adapt ghost in the shell as live action as well, so thats an unpredictable variable.

I expected Ghost in the shell to be alot more popular than Akira, seeing as how Ghost in the Shell has been progressing wonderfully, with the 2 seasons of the television show, a DVD and pay-per-view release of "stand alone complex: solid state society", so yea. just throwing it out there.

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