Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuition Hike protest: success or bust??

N0 one showed up!!!!!!

Just kidding!

So to save save $600 from being thrown onto our next semester's tuition, everyone decides to go protest on the lawn. I dont really see the point in it, when has a peaceful protest ever worked in NYC?? you have to fucking riot and punch cops and do all this other stuff just to make the paper! anyways, this was an hour into it....

I hope it works out, shit, I could use that money towards a PS3 or some food in my stomach, and seeing as how the metrocards are shooting up as well, who couldn't use some more spare change....
At least we're not paying thousands and thousands like the kids out of state (anybody see college life on MTV?? what a bunch of idiots...)


Anonymous said...

boo! i missed it! -kittiya p.

Danielle said...

You had to be there when it started. I left five minutes after I got there -so thats like 40min in- and it was packed! What we need to do is gather up students from each CUNY and bus them upstate and have a protest in front of whoever is in charge. At least this protest was larger than CCNY's...they had theirs IN THE RAIN!

Bored-of-Ed said...

dont we pay one of the lowest tuitions in the country? and a portion of that is cover by F-A if a student qualifies?
I am sorry i just dont see the large issue.
I pay out of my own pocket holding a part time job and really $2600 does not seem like a lot for a semester.
I guess if they raise the tuition i will not be able to get my
I-phone or get that PS3 i wanted or my daily latte from starbucks..
What a cruel world?

Ram said...

protests, in general dont work. especially in this country.

but yeah, I live in the projects, I have a shitty job with little pay, and I still dont get full financial aid, so $600 is still something..