Thursday, February 22, 2007

brand new work from Katsuhiro Otomo

He moves ladies and gentlemen! Katsuhiro Otomo, creator and director of AKIRA, and the producer of STEAMBOY designed the characters and the mechanics for the brand new 6 episode OVA anime entitled "FREEDOM"

theres a 6 minute trailer for Freedom,

and as you can see it resembles AKIRA in alot more ways than just the characters, the machines, the scenerey, even the vocational schools (DISCIPLINE!)

According to, "
Freedom Project is about a child, Takeru, discovering a secret that could change the very society he depends upon. Civilization on the Earth was destroyed by a permanent abnormal climate shift. Cities of one-million people had been built on the moon and became the only place where humanity still survived. The remaining population declared the foundation of Republic Eden, then set forth expanding those lunar colonies that loved peace and freedom. However, one boy’s actions would later come to shake Eden’s peaceful existence..."

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