Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rbuild of Evangelion: Summer of '07

now if you don't know what Evaneglion is, your missing out fool! Evangelion has to be the deepest, goriest, psychological anime ever created for adults (Fullmetal comes very close). and fans rejoice, because Anno will be releasing FOUR Evangelion Movies, one in the summer of 2007, one in january of 2008 and the last two in the summer of 2008. Hopefully this ending will answer a lot of the questions that we had from EoE.
it will be more of a retelling of the series, much like the Hellsing Ultimate OVA. I was hoping they would release the much talked about "live action" evangelion movie that's been circling around for years.

I was first introduced to evangelion when the first episode aired on Toonami (go figure) in 2002, veryy edited, then i went on to read the manga, then say "death and rebirth" then watched some episodes, THEN saw End of evangelion..

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